BOWL*BOMBS Family size shaker top 2,000 poops Rainbow scented

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We manufacture a sizzling, effervescent powder in both a tiny discrete capsule the size of a tic tac, and a shaker top version for the family, or for those who might have arthritis, or otherwise difficulty handling a #5 capsule. We offer a larger #00 capsule, "Kahuna Montezuma-For Heavy Loads", more of a novelty item but an excellent choice if you were taking a romantic vacation on a cruise ship. After all, no matter how grand a stateroom might be it is too small for a morning movement after a night of foreign foods, which is sure to deflate all morning romance...

Stay FREE from contact with toilet bowl air!! No longer must you insert your hand into a toilet bowl to spray toilet spray for privacy. Shake from above the rim to activate poop security. Watch the powder fizz and the small capsule zip around the bowl.

We are very price competitive too, starting at just $0.04 per poop compared to our friendly competitor at $0.06 and even more competitive at $0.02 for our 16- ounce family version. Our products are septic and cesspool safe and very ecofriendly. One of our regular 450 count reusable jars equates to 3-4 spray bottles offered by our friendly competitor Poo Pourri  also on Walmart, that uses difficult to recycle bottles.

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